Arts Connection for Monday, October 3 2016 - Lisa Hall-Wilson - new e-novel "The Watched"

Lisa Hall-Wilson ( has written award-winning news stories on topics as diverse as healthy eating, modesty and the recovery of Haiti after the 2010 earthquake and features on people as diverse as a photographer whose work was born out of tragedy and a desire to find God in the heartache. Lisa also writes historical fantasy and contemporary horror fiction and recently blogged about “taking back” one of her works in progress which is now being released in serial form through e-mail. Lisa’s on the phone with us from her London area home-office to talk about The Watched and her other writing projects.


Interludes feature music from Body & Soul: A Worship Collective's CD Body & Soul: A Worship Collective.




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Interview date: 
October 3, 2016 - 21:00