ArtsWatch: "The Artist's Dance"

What did you read this summer? I’ve had the chance to energize my creative juices by reading a few books which focused on the intersection of arts, faith and culture—some of which I mentioned in past weeks.
Another thought-generating and spirit-energizing book is Creative Matters, a collection of essays by members of the Creative Collective—which you can find out more about at
The website describes Creative Matters as a “call to arms for all of us who endeavor to create beautiful, transcendent and transformational experiences in and around the Church. It’s a field guide of sorts…written by Creatives for Creatives…”
A section of the book—I’m reading the free PDF download on my eReader—called “The Artist’s Dance” by Amena Brown spoke to me as she listed a few hints to get past the blank canvas or blinking cursor. Brown suggested creatives:
1) Cultivate creative places: or recognized that creativity requires discipline and we need to “train (our) creative brain to know when and how to open up and be creative.
2) (Give) way to the art inside (by finding) solitude: “acclimate your soul to opening up to (your Creator, so) you can learn the rhythm of creativity.
3) Hone your craft.
4) Stay connected with the arts scene—and Brown doesn’t just mean the Christian arts scene. “Try engaging with art that is opposite to the genre you normally work in,” she suggests.
5) Shine a Jesus light: “How can you engage more with people who may not believe like you? Or with other artists and creative people?” Brown challenges.
Sounds like some good advice. I'll probably keep re-reading this list for a while.