ArtsWatch: "Pursuing Christ, Creating Art" a must read book

If you’re looking for the next “how-to” book on doing art as a Christian, don’t read Pursuing Christ, Creating Art by Gary Molander
If you’re looking for a book that will challenge who you are as an artist and what you should be to create the best art you can, then devour Pursing Christ, Creating Art.
The book isn’t about what art is or how artist have been sidelined by the church—although Molander touches on those topics. It isn’t a 10-step guide to creating art, although he does touch on some steps you can take when creating art.

What Pursuing Christ, Creating Art is, is a book that focuses on who artists should be: people pursuing a passionate, intimate relationship with God, which is reflected in the art they create. “Christian artists don’t need to create art for God,” writes Molander, one of the founders of Floodgate Productions ( “They need to create art in response to God…
“Our paintings, and our songs, and our web designs, and our short films, and our blogs, and our poems, and our acting, and our public storytelling, and out motion loops, and our photography, and our script writing, and our editing, and our sketching, and our dancing, and our set designs, and our screenplays.
All are a response to something previously given to us.
‘We love because He first loved us.’ (I John 4:19 NIV)”
Pursuing Christ, Creating Art was one of the most hopeful books on art and the Church that I’ve read recently. It found me exactly where I am right now and gave me hope for both my own future, along with the future of art, faith and the Church.
If you’re an artist, this is a book you MUST read. If you’re a church leader, it’s also a book you must read. And for me, it’s a book I must read again.
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