ArtsWatch: What I've learned about publishing

Reviewing a journal the other day I realized it’s been just over a year since I found out that Chasing the Wind won the 2010 Word Alive Press publishing contest in the non-fiction category.
It’s been a whirlwind of a year beginning with editing, reading proofs and finally having the published books arrive on my doorstep. There was book launch, interviews and media appearances. And there was the pleasure of finding copies of Chasing the Wind in Chapters and Christian bookstores from here to Chatham.
Looking back on the last year, I began wondering what I learned. Actually it wasn’t so much what I learned but how much of what I knew about book publishing was confirmed:
First, I re-learned that writing a book is easier than publishing a book. After about a decade of submitting the manuscript and getting rejection after rejection, I almost gave up on the book. If it hadn’t have been for winning the contest, I’m not sure if Chasing the Wind would have been published.
Second, I re-learned how much work it takes to market your book and if you, as the writer, aren’t willing to get out there and market it, you’ll end up with boxes of books in your basement and returns to the publisher.

But as challenging at the book publishing industry is, the greatest joy comes from the comments of those who read your book. I didn’t write Chasing the Wind for fame and fortune. I wrote it because I found the wisdom of Ecclesiastes is just as relevant today as it was when it was written. And, from the comments I’ve received about the book, a number of other people are finding the same thing. And that makes all the hard work of the publishing cycle worth it.
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