The other side of the mic

As a veteran journalist I'm used to asking the questions. Recently I had the chance to be on the receiving end.
As part of the promotion of Chasing the Wind I was scheduled to appear on 100 Huntley Street on June 28. (Links to video of that guest shot can be found here: and
Television wasn't new to me. Back in the 1980s I was part of the crew of a QCTV cable show in Edmonton called A Glimpse of Gospel and was asked to be a guest once or twice talking about the Christian music scene. And recently I'd been a frequent panelist on the recently cancelled news analysis show Behind the Story, also broadcast on CTS.
But 100 Huntley Street was another matter. I'm aware of its reach and audience and the impact it could have on book sales. And I suddenly found myself thinking like many of the guests I've interviewed over the years on Faith Journal  and Arts Connection: what if I say the wrong thing? Will they ask me a question I can't answer? What if I forget the title or content of my book? What if I come off looking like a complete fool?
No need to worry. Hosts Ron Mainse and Moira Brown, along with staff and crew, made me feel at ease. Reviewing the DVD after coming home there were only one or two areas where I thought I could improve (my Toastmaster "Ah" counters from the past would have lost track of the "ums" and "ahs").
And I learned being on the other side of the mic is just as comfortable as being behind it.
Speaking of 100 Huntley Street, Crossroads Christian Communications (Crossroads) recently received a grant recognizing its partnership with Redeemer University College’s Theatre Arts program. The two Canadian Christian charities will produce and showcase original theatre productions which will be broadcast through CTS (Crossroads Television System).
This is good news for the Canadian Christian arts community, giving more people a chance to see original Canadian theatre productions. It will also help local theatre arts develop television production techniques to broaden their skill-set.
The money comes from Stronger Together 2011, a collaborative granting initiative of nine foundations and individuals who combine forces to invest in the strategic growth of Canadian faith-based charities through collaborative partnerships.
Robert White is the Administrative Director for Artists in Christian Testimony Canada and author of Chasing the Wind, winner of the Word Alive Press 2010 publishing contest non-fiction prize.