Where faith, art and Canadian culture intersect

I've been avoiding the blogosphere for two key reasons: lack of time and lack of opinion.

The second reason will probably surprise many of those who know me, but I didn't want to be another voice, pontificating on everything and anything. Instead I wanted to fo focuse on a single area and hadn't decided what that was.

Two recent events changed my mind.

The first was the cancellation of a Faith Journal, a weekly newsmagazine I hosted on Kitchener's Faith FM radio station. But even as the seven-year run came to an end, I was given a chance to produce and host a new program: Arts Connection now airs at 10 p.m. (ET) every Thursday. The first two programs featured John Franklin, executive director of Imago and Richard Quesnel, artistic manager at Kitchener's Lost & Found Theatre. This week's show, Thursday, June 16, features The Word Guild co-founder N.J. Lindquist talking about this weekend's Write! Canada writers' conference.

The second was an invitation to become the Administrative Director for Artists In Christian (A.C.T.) Canada. A.C.T. International, founded by Rev. Byron Spradlin 37 years ago, is a missions & ministry sending agency for artistic Christians from all the arts disciplines. A.C.T. Canada, launched in 2007, was granted charitable status in 2009.

What these two events did was give me a reason to blog: to talk about the intersection of the arts, faith and Canadian culture. While it isn't where it needs to be, there's a growing support and encouragement for artists who are Christian in the Canadian Church and society. It's my hope this blog will support those called to create and provide them with the resources they need to fulfill their ministry.

And speaking of support, there are two events you need to be aware of taking place this week: Imago's Art in the City http://t.co/tJZZajd and Write! Canada http://t.co/TXUzPB0. I'm going to be at both, so keep an eye out for me.