A Matter of Faith

MacIn this collection of Robert White's newspaper columns from the Guelph Mercury, the Kelowna Daily Courier, Okanagan Saturday and the War Cry, the reader can catch a glimpse of his spiritual journey. White finds the profound in the everyday and is familiar with the culture he is trying to influence, quoting such pop culture icons such as musician Joni Mitchell and philosopher John Ralston Saul....

White weaves homespun tales ofe veryday events that pack a spiritual punch.... The collections tops a writing career spanning 15 years. 'With Christ and words, I hope to make a difference in the lives of many', White writes. He has, undoubtedly, succeeded. From the foreward by Marianne Meed Ward, Managing Editor, Faith Today

I had read White's colomns in the Kelowna Daily Courier and had been struck by the relevance of his column topics. When he walked into the Guelph Mercury office two and a half years ago, it was manna from heaven... He talks about real worries. He tells a compelling story that eases you into some pretty complicated issues of faith. I know readers will enjoy this compilation. It speaks to the individual struggles we all have balancing personal beliefs, spirituality and the realities of an imperfect world. Ed Cassavoy, Managing Editor, Guelph Mercury

About The Author
Robert White has held reporting and editing positions with weekly newspapers in and around the Edmonton, Alberta area and has freelanced news, feature and cover-story articles publications such as Faith Today, the Edmonton Sun, the Edmonton journal and Alberta Report.

A lay leader in The Salvation Army, White has contributed to its publications: feature articles, a doctrinal and worship series and a monthly column for The War Cry and Horizons. He has published history two books: Marching Along! and The Mac, (a finalist in the 1996 City of Edmonton Book Prize competition). He also submitted a chapter, "With Hand to Man" for Discipleship Vision and Mission published by the Salvation Army.

An accomplished public speaker. White has shared his love for writing at a number of writers' conferences.

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