Paul HendersonChasing the Wind: Finding Meaningful Answers in Ancient Wisdom
In the 1970s, the rock group Kansas sang about how life is “dust in the wind.” They could have been quoting the writer of Ecclesiastes whose ancient book of wisdom unwraps three key themes: "Meaningless, meaningless", "Chasing the wind", "Under the sun".

MacA Matter Of Faith
In this collection of Robert White's newspaper columns from the Guelph Mercury, the Kelowna Daily Courier, Okanagan Saturday and the War Cry, the reader can catch a glimpse of his spiritual journey. White finds the profound in the everyday and is familiar with the culture he is trying to influence, quoting such pop culture icons such as musician Joni Mitchell and philosopher John Ralston Saul.......

MacThe Mac
The majestic Hotel Macdonald has been a much-loved Alberta landmark for more than 80 years. Happily located in downtown Edmonton overlooking the North Saskatchewan River, The Mac - as she is affectionately called - is a significant reminder of this Canadian city's history and heritage....

MacWith Hand to Man
Discipleship - Vision and Mission
A Compilation of Writings on Discipleship

by Commissioner Edward Read

MacMarching Along
A History of The South Edmonton/Park Allen/West Edmonton Corps

In December 1910, two Hallelujah Lassies of the Salvation Army — Captain Mary Lidman and Lieutenant Julia Toth came to Strathcona, Alberta to take charge of a new and growing corps...

"Jars of Clay" was included in Inscribed: 30 Years of Inspiring Writers. Published to celebrate its 30th anniversary in September 2010, InScribe Christian Writers’ Fellowship partnered with Forever Books (Winnipeg, MB) to produce the anthology. InScribe members, current and former, were invited to submit their works. The book highlights the writings of over 40 contributing Canadian authors.